Little bit Luddite

I just got home from Foo camp, and on the first night we went around the main tent, 250+ individuals, and gave three word introductions. I can’t remember exactly what words I used, although I think “surprising” and “design” were two of them. But it occurred to me as the weekend progressed and I got deeper into wide-ranging conversations that really the three words I should have used were “little bit Luddite.”

I’m not against technology. And I’m not really a Luddite. But more and more I find I want to talk about the nuances of what all this stuff is doing to everyday interactions and cultural patterns large and small.

This isn’t about fear of change. And it’s not about wanting to throw shoes into the midst of server farms. As for what it is about, I guess that will unfold.

I used to have a blog at There’s still some stuff there.

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