My First Indian Wedding

For years I’ve wanted to go to an Indian wedding. I love good parties, and I’ve been assured they qualify.

So in November my friend K got married in northern India and I finally made it to an Indian wedding! Two, actually, since her cousin got married the two days before her two-day celebration, so I got a four-day wedding twofer which seemed like a good deal given the travel time.

I hadn’t been on a plane since September, which was a pretty substantial stretch for me. Cashed in ff miles to enjoy the delights of First class on British Airways, only to be smacked in the head with the truth of Gatsby’s long-ago assertion.  Maybe not that people are different, actually. But the extent of the difference in their experience of the world is staggering, especially when you get to jump back and forth over that line.

The wedding, btw, was as fabulous as imagined. Magical is not an overstatement. My arms and hands still have traces of henna, and eventually I’ll add some photos.

Congratulations, K and D!

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