I Hate Email

No really. Email apocalypse. Laptops, desktops, phone — sent mail folders won’t sync across platforms, mail subfolders won’t sync across different email programs. I lost documents because I can’t remember which computer I sent them from and the Cloud has been stormy for me. And my queue. Oh god, the email queue.

I can work an entire day, doing the things I’m supposed to be doing — meetings, research, teaching. And then it’s time to do email. It’s like an entire second workday. Like many people I know, I can spend an additional workday worth of hours doing nothing but email after the close of my so-called workday.

You know how everyone says they are so busy all the time? I blame email. Email basically makes us work a double workday. You do your work. Then it comes time to answer all the email. Which, btw, makes it easy for other people to push their work onto others.

Also, what happened to the phone? Really people. Sometimes it is actually a lot more efficient to pick up the phone and ask and answer a question. Or schedule an appointment. Just because we *can* send an email doesn’t mean we *should*. How about some old-school talk about the affordances of different technologies. Or, you know, some common sense.


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