Global to Local

I’m once again teaching a class with colleagues over in computer science. It’s my HCI class, and we team up with students in CSE doing their senior capstone. Students work in interdisciplinary teams, over the course of two terms (first term, HCDE students take 5 credits and CSE students take 2 credits and it’s a lot of user research, problem scoping, and then mocking up a technology solution; next term they swap on credit hours, and build, implement, and evaluate a system). The theme is ‘technology design for low resource settings.’ Students groups work with real world partners to build things to solve real problems. The ultrasound project that I wrote about previously came from this class.

So for this year, right as classes began, someone sent around a link to a Seattle group that has formed to try to tackle local health challenges by leveraging the pretty extensive global health expertise here in town. It’s an awesome idea, and we’re hoping to throw a whole bunch of students into this problem space.

They have more information (including a great video) here. It’s startling to realize how dreadful the health metrics are in parts of the greater Seattle area, the numbers of people who don’t have access to reliable health resources, and the systemic problems with getting good quality care.

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