New Desk

I just finished my new standing desk. I have one at work that I made last year, but I needed one for home as well. It turns out sitting is not my favoritest thing, especially after the September events last year.

My friend F gave me a slab of redwood from his mill, and it was at the woodshop drying for months. I got stuck in a loop of needing the desk for my neck to not feel worse, but not being able to work on it because of my neck. But finally it got done.

Lots of sanding help from R, then a trip to home depot for plumbing pipe for the legs (galvanized steel + redwood is a surprisingly attractive look), then some quality time with chemicals as I stained it a few times.

It reminded me how satisfying it is to make things, how it feels a little transgressive given the white collar knowledge-work world I generally inhabit, and how it also makes me feel more optimistic in some strange, abstract way.

I suppose this is one of the reasons I keep trying to get my students to build things. Which, btw, seems to energize them in really substantive ways. There’s a kind of lighthearted glee about them when I poke my head into the lab. Which is awesome.

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