Social Media for Development

Off to China in a few days. Helping lead a workshop on social media for development. SM4D is the term that’s been coined (not by me). But the workshop is part of CSCW in Hangzhou, and I don’t know if I’ll register for the conference after the workshop (it’s spendy, and out of pocket), or, if I’ll just occupy myself in China for a few days.

However, you may be asking “what the heck is SM4D”??

There’s a substantive and rapidly growing community in Information and Communication Technologies for Development. Much of the work in that arena deals with computers, internet, and sensors. Sometimes mobiles. But the idea behind SM4D is that all the social media that has grown up in high resource settings might have utility in low resource settings as well. There are plenty of examples: crowdsourced mapping and translation in Haiti, lots of citizen mobilization in recent days, etc.

So we’re going to spend the day talking about the affordances of social media, the limitations, and whether/how social media can help meet the needs of international development efforts.

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2 Responses to Social Media for Development

  1. Beth,

    I would love to hear how the workshop went! I thought about writing you an email, but after seeing how much you *love* email, I thought it would be nicer to simply leave you a comment here that you can attend to without it attacking your inbox.

    I know the proposal you shared with me a while back that looked at resources in SM networks seemed to move in a SM4D way. Are you continuing that line of thinking or are you taking a broader view in this workshop?

    Hope all is well, and congrats on the new(ish) desk.


  2. Beth,

    I hope the workshop went well. I remember the proposal that you shared with me a while back. Were the conversations along the same line of thinking or was it a broader discussion? I’d love to hear how it went.

    I would send you an email about this… but I know how you feel about email, so I figure this will simply sit here rather than crowd your inbox.


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