Thoughts on in-country manufacturing, part 1

I will start again as if there hasn’t been a tremendous hiatus. Explanation: starting a startup. Enough said.

Said startup is making low cost technologies for low resource regions. And local manufacturing is a big part of conversations about such things. Our own goals over at Shift Labs are definitely focused on using micro-manufacturing techniques to facilitate production and make smaller production runs cost efficient, and also to use in-country manufacturing to change the value proposition of traditional manufacturing models.

But there’s a thread in the conversation about in-country manufacturing that elevates the importance of national boundaries in ways I ultimately don’t understand. I want to make awesome, beautifully designed products that make people’s lives better, regardless of where they live. And if the most cost effective way to do that is to centrally manufacture either components or the whole, then that’s what I’ll advocate.

A couple years ago I ran into an academic who did research on sustainability, and who used mathematical models to determine which processes actually led to the most sustainable output. I need to figure out who that was, and come back with part 2.

Forgive the slow start. I’m excited to be back.

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