Digital Amnesia

I’m in India to give a workshop based on my Hackademia project and a few lectures. (more on that later) My host requested one of my past lectures from the Berkman Center, a talk I gave in early 2008 called “User, Hacker, Builder, Thief: Creativity and Consumerism in a Digital Age.” You can download the video here.

I said sure, I’d be happy to talk about that — without actually checking which talk that was. In my mind it was the Hackademia talk I gave in January 2012, but it turns out 2012 is not 2008. So I went off to find the slide deck, and came up utterly empty-handed.

And when I say empty-handed, probably I should say empty-headed. There’s this bizarre period of about 2 to 3 months where I have no records. And I’m a bit of a digital packrat with my email accounts. Few memories, which isn’t uncommon for me. But, oddly, not even email records. I search and search through different email accounts, sent-mail folders, external hard drives, and I find no records for January-Febraury and into March 2008.

So if you knew me then, and knew what I was up to, let me know!

p.s. happily for me, Berkman records its lectures, so I’ve listened to my old talk, and reconstructed as much of the slide deck as I can by watching the screen over the shoulder of my talking head.



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