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Disincentives and Disruptive Technology

I’ve been in academia for over two decades, and it’s become increasingly obvious that the structure of the workplace and the rewards structure can act as genuine disincentives to producing disruptive technology. Particularly in the global health area in which … Continue reading

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Accidental lessons

This quarter I taught a graduate class on computer-mediated communication/social computing/virtual environments. It was an evening class, four hours a night once a week. By the last class everyone was pretty tired. But as we tried to wrap up and … Continue reading

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This Wednesday I’m giving a talk at Seattle Ignite about those questions of innovation and expertise that I talked about in my last post. I’ve been slowly building momentum for this project — both with the interview-based book, but also … Continue reading

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Innovation and expertise

I spent my summer doing a bunch of things, but the most interesting was research for a book about the conflict between expertise and innovation. At Toorcon Seattle I gave a brief talk about the book, and I asked the … Continue reading

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It begins again

I am now prepared, in the abstract, for the start of a school year to resemble the feeling of being hit by a freight train. It still leaves me winded, though. And sometimes a little black and blue. I am … Continue reading

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My bin Laden story

I have a framed picture in my house with several scraps of paper taped to a brochure from Turkmenistan. People wonder what it is, and I tell them this story. In late 2000 (the date is key), I was living … Continue reading

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Recreating Email

In my previous post, I wrote a little bit about how technology encodes values. So now I want to rant about the values encoded in email. Email values the always available. It values immediacy of online-ness. It values bulk addressing … Continue reading

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