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Stirling Engines

I am getting a little obsessed with Stirling engines. This all started when R and I were playing around with generating power from temperature differentials using Peltiers. (Peltiers are solid state devices that can either create temperature differences from electrical … Continue reading

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Mobile Midwives’ Ultrasound

The ultrasound project received a Grand Challenges Exploration grant from the Gates Foundation. It was ridiculously competitive, and the students are really excited. It gives us the opportunity to refine the design, build the help system, and field test with … Continue reading

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Low cost ultrasound technology

About a year ago I got an email from a colleague in radiology about a project he was beginning that was designed to trained midwives in Uganda to use ultrasound to try to reduce maternal mortality. The premise of his … Continue reading

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What’s that picture of a band printed on cardboard doing there?

I’ve spent most of the summer working, to my dismay. I went camping for one night, and that’s been it for vacation. However, I have a new house that I love, and so I’ve been holding meetings here which is … Continue reading

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