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Recreating Email

In my previous post, I wrote a little bit about how technology encodes values. So now I want to rant about the values encoded in email. Email values the always available. It values immediacy of online-ness. It values bulk addressing … Continue reading

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How Technology Encodes Values

As previously mentioned, email makes me insane. It’s gives so many people a double workday, and it makes it waaayyyy too easy to push your work onto other people, and it’s distracting from the loveliness of the present. As my … Continue reading

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New Desk

I just finished my new standing desk. I have one at work that I made last year, but I needed one for home as well. It turns out sitting is not my favoritest thing, especially after the September events last … Continue reading

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Harnessing Excess Energy

The Stirling engine continues to fascinate me. Mostly I’m taken with the puzzle of how to make use of all the excess energy that we generate on a daily basis. My work primarily focuses on designs for low resource environments. … Continue reading

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Stirling Engines

I am getting a little obsessed with Stirling engines. This all started when R and I were playing around with generating power from temperature differentials using Peltiers. (Peltiers are solid state devices that can either create temperature differences from electrical … Continue reading

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